The Keys to Success: 4 Takeaway Exercises to Combat ADHD

Living with ADHD can present unique challenges, but the journey to managing its symptoms can be transformative. In this blog post, we’ll explore four exercises aimed at curbing impulsiveness, enhancing awareness, and fostering positive growth. Remember, change begins with a genuine desire to improve.

1. The 5-Minute Timer: Cultivating Stillness and Awareness

Set a timer for just 5 minutes, find a quiet space, and sit or lie down without moving. The goal is to resist impulsiveness, but if you do move, observe what triggered it. After the exercise, reflect on your thoughts and any urges to jump between topics in your mind. This exercise builds awareness of the waves of distraction typical of ADHD, helping you understand what pulls you away from stillness.

2. List of Priorities: Organizing Tasks for Maximum Impact

Create a list of tasks for the day, ranging from chores to essential needs. Prioritize them by determining their “loudness” – the urgency or importance of each task. Distinguish between needs and wants; needs take precedence. This exercise challenges the perception of task importance, a common struggle for those with ADHD. Embrace the difficulty, knowing that prioritizing is key to success.

3. Affirmations for Task Completion: Celebrating Small Wins

Choose a small task, complete it in one go, and celebrate your achievement. This could be making your bed, turning off a light, or any quick activity. Take a moment to affirm yourself and relish in the feeling of productivity. Acknowledge any tendencies to downplay your accomplishments. If distractions arise during the task, return to it once you remember. Small wins pave the way for larger successes.

4. Opposite Day: Embracing ADHD Symptoms Mindfully

Designate a day to purposefully indulge in ADHD symptoms, being as impulsive, hyperactive, or multitasking as you desire. Reflect on the experience afterward. Did it feel like a superpower? Were there aspects you enjoyed or disliked? Use this exercise to gain insights into your relationship with your symptoms and consider how they impact your daily life.


These four exercises serve as starting points for managing ADHD symptoms, but remember, you’re not obligated to do them all. The key is to approach them with a genuine desire for positive change. With practice, these exercises can enhance self-awareness, providing you with the choice to navigate your life consciously. While these exercises are valuable tools, seeking the guidance of a therapist can further support your journey. Challenge yourself, find enjoyment in the process, and revisit these exercises whenever you feel the need for growth. Your journey towards success with ADHD is unique, and these exercises are stepping stones towards a more fulfilling life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Sims, LPC is a licensed professional counselor in South Central Pennsylvania. He specializes in working with adults navigating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma.

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