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Helping you navigate the path towards

A confident and vibrant future.

I can help you with

Anxiety and Stress
Life Transitions and Career Exploration
Building Healthy Relationships
Overcoming Self-Doubt and Insecurity
Self-discovery and Personality
Preventing Burnout and Finding Balance
PTSD / Complex PTSD
Cultivating Resilience from Past Trauma
Managing Life Stress

Let's get real:

The pressure to have it all figured out leaves you feeling stuck and without a clear path forward.

You've hit a point where it's not just a matter of managing stress; it's about feeling equipped to face the uncertainties that come with "adulting."

Life feels like an overwhelming maze.

You're aware that:

  • Your mind is a whirlwind of possibilities, but translating them into actionable steps feels like an insurmountable task.
  • The chaos of decisions, big and small, is causing a sense of paralysis.
  • Your past has left a mark, and the weight of it is affecting your present.

Now it's time to break through the chaos, empower yourself with the right tools, and heal from what's holding you back.

I'm here to support you with...

Increased Self-Confidence

Building Awareness

Feeling More Grounded

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Discovering Your Inner Compass

Living a fulfilling life

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I believe that counseling is a space to discover what's most important to you so you can become fully aware of your potential and authentically shape your future.

Meet the therapist

Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA
Christopher Sims, LPC
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Who I work with

Individual Therapy

Uncover your true self and break free from the barriers that have been holding you back. Navigate life challenges with confidence, gaining the tools to live a more intentional and authentic life. Figure out what makes you tick, overcome obstacles, and embrace a path that reflects the vibrant, empowered adult you are becoming.

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Insurances I'm in-network with:

Anthem | Elevance
Blue Cross / Blue Shield / BlueCross and BlueShield
Capital Blue
UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH

Let's make getting startedsimple


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Take the first step by scheduling a personalized session. Let's explore your needs and goals together to ensure I'm the right fit for your journey.


Dive In

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience where your voice is heard. Together, we'll navigate the path to self-discovery, providing a grounding space for your personal growth.



Discover and embrace your authentic self. Apply the tools and insights gained during our sessions to boost confidence and unlock the full potential of who you truly are.

Discover growth. Embrace purpose. Thrive authentically.

Begin a journey of self-discovery. Build confidence and equip yourself with tools for a purposeful and empowered life.

Offering online therapy for adults in Pennsylvania.

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~ Free resources:

Explore the blog for a wealth of free tips and resources designed for adults navigating life's challenges. Dive into articles covering topics like anxiety relief, exercises to combat ADHD, and understanding perfectionism. Your mental well-being matters – empower yourself with knowledge. Check out the blog now for insights on mental health and take a step towards a healthier, happier you.

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Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA

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Christopher Sims, LPC

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