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Are you someone who:

  • Is an ambitious and resilient person? You're always navigating life's challenges, but sometimes the pressure becomes overwhelming, leaving you feeling stuck?
  • Struggling with the weight of responsibilities? You've been trying to shoulder the burden on your own, and it's become a silent struggle that's affecting various aspects of your life.
  • Upset that life doesn't come with a roadmap? Everyone else seems to have figuring things out, but for you the uncertainty is taking a toll on your life, work, and relationships.

You're in the right spot.

This is a space where you can empower yourself, finding tools to navigate life's challenges, and cultivate a sense of strength, purpose, and connection.

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Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA
Christopher Sims, LPC
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How I work

You're constantly facing life's hurdles. My job is to guide you onto a smoother ride.

I focus on empowering adults to align their lives with their aspirations. I'll guide you in tuning into your needs, fostering self-trust, and living authentically, so you can navigate life with purpose and confidence. If you're looking for a therapist in Pennsylvania, or online therapy, you're in the right place.

You've come to the right spot.

Therapy with me is

  • Down to earth and relatable
  • Compassionately direct to encourage you to face challenges head-on and foster personal growth
  • A collaborative journey where we work together to develop practical tools, helping you become the best version of yourself
  • Grounded in compassion, openness, and honesty, creating a space where you can authentically connect with yourself

Therapy with me is not

  • Stuffy and uptight
  • A nod-and-smile session where you don't get real feedback
  • Just a superficial chat without having to put in the work for your progress and development
  • Lacking empathy and connection where you never feel 100% comfortable sharing and exploring your thoughts and feelings

Get support for


Navigating the challenges of ADHD with a focus on building strategies, fostering focus, and empowering you to thrive in your unique way.


Empowering you to conquer the chaos of anxiety, finding strength and calm within.


Guiding you to overcome the challenges of depression, rediscovering the vibrant energy in your life.


Supporting your journey to reclaim strength and selfhood after trauma, fostering resilience and empowerment.

This space is for you.

My practice embraces diversity, fostering a vibe of mutual respect. No judgements here - bring your authentic self!

Stepping up, taking risks, and finding your voice takes serious guts. I've got your back as you embark on this journey of owning it.

Insurances I'm in-network with:

Anthem | Elevance
Blue Cross / Blue Shield / BlueCross and BlueShield
Capital Blue
UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH

My approach centers around these core values:

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Elevate yourself. You've earned it.

Gain confidence and empowerment to make lasting strides for life.

Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA
Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA

Just Now Therapy

Christopher Sims, LPC

email: chris@justnowtherapy.com

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