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Individual Therapy

Online therapy for adults to feel more grounded and confident

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You expected life to have its bumps, but lately, it feels like you're hitting every branch on the way down.

You're navigating the currents, but it seems like staying ahead is an uphill battle no matter how hard you paddle.

You've explored every avenue—self-help books, podcasts, deep breathing—but the solutions still seem elusive.

While reaching out to friends or family is an option, you hesitate, aware of their own challenges, not wanting to burden them.

Recognizing the need for support is a courageous step, acknowledging that this is a moment in your life where professional guidance can make a significant difference.

You're tired of:

  • Struggling and having difficulty managing life on regular basis.
  • Feeling like there's some underlying things that keep coming up that you should process and heal from.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, irritable, and not really sure what to do to make it better.
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Individual Therapy can help you with:

Get support for


Navigating the challenges of ADHD with a focus on building strategies, fostering focus, and empowering you to thrive in your unique way.


Empowering you to conquer the chaos of anxiety, finding strength and calm within.


Guiding you to overcome the challenges of depression, rediscovering the vibrant energy in your life.


Supporting your journey to reclaim strength and selfhood after trauma, fostering resilience and empowerment.

This space is for you.

My practice embraces diversity, fostering a vibe of mutual respect. No judgements here - bring your authentic self!

Stepping up, taking risks, and finding your voice takes serious guts. I've got your back as you embark on this journey of owning it.

Insurances I'm in-network with:

Anthem | Elevance
Blue Cross / Blue Shield / BlueCross and BlueShield
Capital Blue
UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

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Give yourself the space you need to thrive

I'll accompany you on this journey, assisting you in uncovering your core self to enhance your presence in life and relationships.

Let's work together to forge a connection with your identity so that you can live a confident and thriving life.

Experience individual online therapy for adults in Pennsylvania, fostering a deeper connection to the essence of yourself, allowing you a sense of centering and wholeness.

This is the place where you can get started.

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Christopher Sims | Online Therapist Pennslyvania PA

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