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Therapy for Depression

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Online Depression Therapy in Pennsylvania

Everyday feels overwhelming and pointless.

Every time you glance at your phone or peruse your daily to-do list, a sense of paralysis washes over you.

You sometimes can "fake it" through the day, but the emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion persists.

Attempting to "push harder" doesn't work, leaving you even more drained.

For others, life is a source of joy and connection but for you it feels distant and unfulfilling.

You often feel:

  • A looming sense of dread for work or school.
  • Your days seem utterly purposeless.
  • Despite minimal activity, you feel drained and worn out.
  • No amount of coffee feels sufficient to carry you through the day.

How I can help:

You're seeking to discover your genuine self and alleviate the weight of depression.

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School and work dominate our lives, but you've been craving more and you're ready to discover it. You're prepared to evaluate your priorities, make space for your personal life, and discover your core values to feel more balanced, open-hearted, and alive. However you've arrived here, I'm so glad you're here and taking time to see if online therapy for depression is right for you.

You're in the right place.

How depression affects mental health

Depression can affect mental health with these symptoms:

  • feeling sad or "empty" / numbing
  • little to no interest or pleasure in activities
  • hopelessness
  • irritability
  • resentment
  • lack of energy
  • lack of motivation
  • problems with concentration or memory
  • difficulty maintaining healthy sleep habits
  • appetite or weight changes
  • thoughts of death or suicide
  • self doubt and negative thought patterns

Therapy for depression can help you find relief and hope

I welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, and I understand that young adulthood can be a challenging time, often marked by heightened levels of depression. This phase involves self-discovery and navigating one's value in the world, all while having less influence than older adults.

My approach also addresses the intersection of trauma, anxiety, and depression. I recognize that depression is often intertwined with past experiences, and my therapeutic work is designed to consider these interconnected factors.

Note: I don't provide crisis services, I'm here to support your mental health journey. (In case of a mental health emergency, please reach out to the National Suicide Crisis Line at 988 or visit the nearest emergency room.)

Let's make space for your needs

Together, we'll collaborate on aligning your life and actions with your true self. Additionally, we'll carve out a dedicated space for you to explore and process the challenges you've been facing related to depression.

We'll focus on your emotional health and well-being so you can start to find relief.

We'll integrate what we've discussed in our sessions into your day-to day life so you can create momentum to feel more grounded and motivated. Treatment for depression can help you process your experience so you can connect to what really matters to you and develop awareness building techniques.

In my private practice I provide a compassionate and safe environment where you can practice asserting yourself and your needs.

Together we can help you feel more confident and whole

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