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Trauma Counseling

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You carry the weight of your past experiences, impacting you both emotionally and mentally.

You've been trying to carry the burden on your own, putting on a brave face for those around you, but it's becoming overwhelming. The fear of being a burden lingers as you navigate the aftermath of traumatic events.

Endless reflections on the past, attempting to cope with the effects of trauma while striving for a semblance of normalcy. Feelings of frustration, isolation, and perhaps mourning for the life you once knew may be part of your daily experience.

Defeat sets in when you struggle with the aftermath, unable to fully engage in social activities, leaving you exhausted and disheartened.

You're tired of:

  • Angry and robbed of the sense of security you once had.
  • Like a burden when reaching out for support becomes a necessity.
  • Lost, as if the trauma has reshaped your life in ways that are hard to recognize.

How I can help:

You can stop carrying the weight and let it all out

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You want to find acceptance and peace with your past so you can live without nightmares or a looming worry that something bad is going to happen. Trauma may be part of your past, but it's not all of your life. You want to discover your authentic self to feel more grounded and hopeful.

Trauma therapy empowers you to:

  • Halt recurring thoughts or memories from intruding.
  • Improve sleep, alleviating nightmares or dreams tied to the trauma.
  • Navigate the world and social interactions without feeling triggered.
  • Foster a deeper connection with yourself and others.
  • Reduce constant vigilance.
  • Manage anger and irritability.
  • Align with positive values and expectations for yourself and others.
  • Boost motivation and energy levels at work and school.
  • Overcome feelings of fear, shame, guilt, and worthlessness.

Your mental well-being is a priority.

I'll be right there beside you as you embark on your journey towards healing, fostering the confidence to live your life with a sense of wholeness.

Together, we'll unveil your resilience and strengths. Exploring your individuality, we'll seamlessly integrate it into our work, serving as a compass to guide you toward what holds deep meaning for you.

Navigating through trauma can be overwhelming, yet it's crucial to persist and challenge yourself. As a survivor, you already possess immense strength, and with each step forward, your resilience grows even stronger.

You're not alone

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